White Box Planning

We’re experts in and have a passion for all aspects of Brand Planning. Be it developing market landscape assessments, identifying white spaces, creating segmentation and positioning, or developing brand activation springboards, we relish every element. Plus we never forget about setting key performance indicators to ensure we know the work is working. This thinking is wrapped in our clever planning tool that we like to call White Box Planning (otherwise known as “A five-stage planning process with no hidden black box magic” but this wasn’t quite as catchy!).

Market Landscape

Rarely are brands successful based on luck alone and are unlikely to perform well without a carefully thought through strategy.  An in-depth understanding of the market in which you’ll be operating and competing in is the vital starting point for any robust brand strategy.  Market Landscaping synthesises and evaluates all known data and insights about your market highlighting the opportunities this presents for your brand.

White Space Identification

Whole Brain Planning have developed tools and techniques to help identify white space where future needs intersect with micro and macro trends, thus clearly defining areas for growth and innovation.  We have the unique skills and expertise to bring these spaces to life and make them real.

Segmentation & Positioning

Segmentation is about putting customers into different groups however this is the ‘easy’ part, the challenge lies in spotting groupings that will help you identify commercial opportunity and drive success for your brand. The Whole Brain Planning approach of segmentation and understanding different customers’ needs will help give your brand an edge over its competitors.

Positioning is the very DNA of the brand. It’s the articulation of the unique space you wish to capture in the customers’ hearts and minds in order to positively influence their behaviour. It should provide the foundation for everything that happens with a brand. Getting this right is vital…just ask Watson & Crick!

Brand Activation Springboard

This is when your brand strategy is ‘brought to life’ and used to develop activities that will springboard your brand into the future.

We love delivering powerful creative briefs that are true to the brand strategy (especially the insight) but which we know from our experience excite the agency. Working with your creative agency (or we have plenty we can suggest, quite literally hundreds!) we ensure the brand ideas and subsequent executions are impactful. Whilst we aren’t a creative agency ourselves (stick men is about the limit of our drawing skills) we are experts at assessing creative work and providing guidance and direction back to the agency.

Brand Performance Review

The final stage of brand planning so often overlooked or added as an afterthought is Brand Performance Review.  As we’re in the business of changing customer behaviours, we must prove our work quite simply works.

At Whole Brain Planning we develop full brand performance measures, ones which marry both hard data, such as sales, market share etc with the vital brand equity measures that come from the way customers perceive or feel about your brand.  Doing this from the get-go, means that everyone has a crystal clear view of what success looks like.

What else we offer

Customer insight

Inferring what your customers really think and need.

Primary market research

Deeper qualitative insights and superior quantitative rigour; knowing where and when to use them.

Secondary market research

Understanding what sources are already out there and how they can best fit together.

Competitive intelligence

It’s always wise to keep in touch with your competition so we help anticipate and plan for competitors’ future moves.


Building from assumptions to numbers; essential to justify so many key business decisions.

Workshop facilitation

Our expertise means we’re able to leverage all the brainpowers in your team and take the thinking into new and exciting directions.

Project management

Ensuring projects are always delivered to a high standard and budgets and timelines are stuck to.